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Innerspec Technologies is the world leader in Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT), Dry-Coupled UT (DCUT) and high-power ultrasonic instrumentation.  Over the years Innerspec has built the largest selection of products, accessories and successful applications in the market.  Our factory integrated brand, temate®, is known around the world for providing integrated, “couplant-free” inspections around the clock in some of the harshest industrial environments.  While our portable instruments, harnessing MRUT capabilities, have proven to increase inspection speeds and solve some of the costliest problems in the oil & gas industry.


Headquartered in Forest, Virginia (USA) and Madrid (Spain), Innerspec Technologies has an unmatched team of researchers, development engineers, customer support specialists and technicians dedicated to design and support our products and services. Our offices in Europe and China along with representatives around the globe provide commercial and technical support with factory trained personnel.


Over 20 years of experience designing, manufacturing and fielding industrial applications.

World-class research capabilities with extensive experience in primary metals, automotive, oil & gas and power industries.

Experience in turnkey, fully automated solutions, that require minimum operator involvement.

Top references from world-class manufacturers and inspection companies.

Mission Statment

Our Story

State-of-the-Art Since 1994

Innerspec developed and installed the first integrated EMAT inspection system in 1994. The temate® 2000 was developed for inspection of flash-butt welds in steel mill welders and the project was awarded by R&D magazine as one of the 100 top technology products of the year. Since then, Innerspec has installed hundreds of integrated systems.

From Integrated Systems to Portable Equipment

Innerspec built the first portable EMAT system in 1998 for inspection of boiler tubes.

The Fast-Scanning-Thickness Gage (FST-Gage) was the first system capable of scanning the whole boiler wall measuring thickness and detecting Hydrogen Corrosion Cracking (HCC) in boiler tubes with minimum surface preparation.

From R&D to the Factory Floor

Innerspec has pioneered EMAT and non-coupland techniques for ultrasonic testing in factory environments, building a strong reputation for developing first-of-a-kind solutions for complex non-destructive testing problems.

With special focus on applied R&D, Innerspec has designed and installed integrated inspection systems for weld inspection, thickness measurement, surface and volumetric flaw detection, lamination detection, stress measurement, bolt load measurement, and other unique applications.

First to Innovate and First to Market

Continuing with the tradition of industry firsts, in 2008 Innerspec introduced the first standard catalog of EMAT sensors and accessories, and the first high-power EMAT flaw detector in 2011; the PowerBox H.

In 2013, Innerspec also launched the first flexible, couplant-free, piezoelectric transducers, and piezoelectric – EMAT hybrid sensors.

Global Reach with Local Presence

Innerspec’s systems can be found all around the globe in primary metals manufacturing, automotive, nuclear, aerospace, railroad, and most metal processing industries.

With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Innerspec has the capabilities to install and support inspection systems all over the world.

Pushing the Boundaries in Portable NDT

PowerBox instruments from Innerspec are used daily all over the world for detection of corrosion, measurement of thickness in extreme environments, stress measurement, bolt load measurement, and other high-end applications.

As the world leader in EMAT and Dry-Coupled UT Technology, Innerspec is committed to stay at the forefront of the non-destructive testing industry.

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